The National Member's Only website has many exciting features.  Here are a few tips to get you started:

MENUS (Located across the top of each page)

Home - Returns to the Home Page from anywhere in the site.

Log-out - Log out of the site.

Member Statements - Most recent activity is displayed with minimums and balance below.  Select previous months using the "Statement Period" menu in the upper right.  Click on any reference number to see a pop-up of receipt details.

Roster - The Roster is the on-line Membership Directory.  You may search for a member by last name, or browse members by the first letter of the last name. Click on "Update your personal infomation" to make changes to your profile and decide what personal information you would like to enable other members to view, by using the "Hide" checkboxes next to each item.

If you experience any problems with this site or need additional assistance, please contact The National Clubhouse Concierge at 816.746.0200.